Martha Ford is a young Illustrator based in Bristol.

Since graduating with a degree in Animation in 2010, moving to Bristol and working on Aardman’s “Itch of the Golden Nit”, Martha has since joined the wonderful 'Drawn in Bristol' illustration collective and has been working on her illustration portfolio. 

Inspired by illustrators such as James Jean, Arthur Rackham and Mary Blair, and many many brilliant books, she has a keen interest in storytelling and the surreal. Much of her work explores people and their place within nature, themes of isolation and the effects and passage of time.

Although adept at using digital techniques, she has a particular fondness for inks, acrylics, fineliner pens, handmade textures and the simple pencil. 

She is currently training as an art and design teacher, working on building her professional portfolio, taking part in exhibitions and projects and generally expanding her skillbase. She is always open to suggestions for new projects or collaborations.